About Us

Schola is changing the way education is delivered to students through personalisation, special teaching methods and content designed for maximum interactivity. Our students get maximum results and confidence through the learning program, interacting with qualified teachers and learning in an immersive classroom environment. The teaching method and content delivers an American International School experience to students at home!

We are a Singapore company and want to change the landscape of online education around South East Asia. By inspiring the next generation of confident, articulate and global minded students we believe we will bring global leaders from around Asia. The company is founded by founders with a vision to impact the lives of students positively and impact economies by preparing students for the future jobs. We are excited to have our students and users in this journey with us.


Aditya Gupta CEO, Co-founder

Aditya Gupta

CEO, Co-founder

Aditya has built products as a Product Manager at Facebook, Accenture. Schola was founded with the dream of bringing world class education and technology to students around South East Asia. He also runs a not for profit school in India which teaches 3000 children.

Nhu Tran Marketing Advisor

Nhu Tran

Marketing Advisor

Nhu was a national top student in Vietnam , and secured full scholarship to study in Asia's top university - National University of Singapore. She has a successful career as a Business and Marketing Manager at Facebook, and wants the youth of Vietnam and South East Asia to become future leaders of the world.